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sandy_____cohen's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[16 Nov 2005|08:08pm]
I really suck at updating this stuff it seems like. I have been so busy with the Newport Group, cleaning the house ( sorry Kirsten!!!), and having Kirsten home now, I have been running around like an idiot! I love having her home though. I missed her alot! Shes not going anywhere ever again if I can help it. Seth is doing good, so is Ryan, I guess he is back at harbor, after I kicked the Dean's ass. That sidekick gave me hell though when I was trying to be all stealth. Son, you are the King of Stealth. I shouldn't have told you that, because your head will get big, so I will kick myself in the ass for just saying it. *grins*.

Back to work I go!

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[03 Nov 2005|09:28pm]
Ok, first time for everything.. laundry, I cant remember are jeans put on hot or cold? Anyone who is willing to come help take care of us boys, god, I will love you forever, even if you are Julie Cooper. Kirsten I MISS YOU! Come home soon, we have alot of um, dried up stale cereal in the cuboards. Scary, Scary, Scary!.

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[28 Oct 2005|07:27pm]
I am sorry for not updating lately. It has been crazy around here, I have had to watch the Newport group because Kirsten is away *frowns*. That in itself is a mess, I miss her a great deal, so do the boys. I hope she comes home soon from rehab, the doctor says shes doing really well though, so I am proud of her! Its hard to deal with a problem like that, but I know shes strong enough to get over it soon, or at least mend it and take control over it. We are looking for tutors for Ryan, Marissa is at Newport Union now, Harbor didnt exactly like the situation, and the new dean gave Ryan such a hard time, that I am just glad he is out of there. Mhm. Seth. I havent talked to him in awhile, but I know he is handling things very well. He has Summer at the moment, as if you all didnt know!* Laughs*. Those two. What else is new? nothing really, Jimmy Cooper took off again, I feel bad for Marissa. I guess its good for him to get out of here and start over again. Its hard to be out here sometimes, you feel like you can get stuck. Anyways, I am going to go out and get dinner.. lord this house, it needs some serious help. Maybe I will call Rosa, and beg on my hands and knees to ask her to come and clean the house. I think thats a good idea that I came up with. I hope Kirsten didnt read this part! *grins*.

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[24 Sep 2005|08:51pm]
Well, I finally got one of these things. Kirsten talked to me about it one night, and so here I am! The eyebrows have graced everyone with their presense :). Anyways, I didnt know Ryan and Seth had a journal, good I can keep an eye on everyone. Someone has too. This past year has been so crazy. I wouldnt take back every moment of it though. Kirsten, I am glad you finally came home, us boys missed you so much. Plus the house was really starting to look, whats the word for it. Piggish? We dont know how you did it, we have much more respect for you now in that department. We still wont let you cook though! *laughs*. I dont really know what else to say for my first entry. I guess Jimmy left again, which is sad. I am sorry he got into a ton of trouble like that. I feel bad for him. Marissa if you ever need any fatherly advice, I can always help you in that department ok?. I know it must be hard for you, so I am here if you need a fatherly figure to talk to.

What else to say, I got the new Idina Menzel cd today, that girl can belt it. *starts to sing along*. Anyways I better get back to work. I have to get on this one case. I swear its ridiculous, one lady is claiming that their was too much noise going on in the other boat next to her so shes going to sue him. My god what is this world coming too?

thoseeyebrows but you can always keep me update on my cell! Kirsten and boys I will see you at home tonight!
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